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Join us for a Special 6th Annual


with your host, the inimitable Bastard Keith!



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A long time ago we decided that if we had to work New Year's Eve that we were going to create the exact event that we’d want to go to....

……On New Years Eve you’ll be transported back in

time to a world of lovers, sultry can-can dancers,

soaring  aerial artists,  acrobats, powerful

chanteuses and handsome chaunteurs, and

sensual burlesque dancers.....


What does the press say about our


"Some of New York City' Best Performers!"
- The New York Times 

“How everyone should spend their New Years Eve"
- NY Press Critics Pick

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“Ring in the New Year at this Sexy Bash”
- Time Out NY Critics Pick

“Some of the City’s Sexiest Acts!”
-Time Out NY Critics Pick

Featuring (gasp!) attractive men who can (actually) do interesting things, and smart, strong, courageous women that will amaze and inspire…… 

 Our New Years Eve Floating Kabarette! will be followed by an elegant night of dancing as New Years Eve continues with blurred boundaries and hazy focus into the wee hours of the night……

Be Transported! 






$150 per person, VERY limited number available

How to buy tickets:

Standing room tickets are available online via Ticketweb at this link:




  • My friends bought tickets, but I waited too long and now the seats are gone. Help!

- We're sorry, but that's the breaks. Oh hey, speaking of breaks, you can always hang out with them, on the breaks, there will be 4 short intermissions where you can go smoke, hang out in the bathroom, and partake in other teenage pasttimes! Also, there's the dance party at 1am where we open the stage up, so you probably won't be standing all night.

Next year get your tickets as early as possible, we like our crowd happy!

  • I want to select my seat!

- Standing room is just that. !

  • Can't I just stand in the area around those 4 circles? 

- There is lots of space there, unfortunately it is occupied by a 5000 gallon lake that could substantially dampen your enjoyment of the show, as well as your shoes.

  • What? $125 bucks to stand?

Remember, there IS an open bar til 1am, so standing only puts you closer to the bar! We consider our standing room buyers great strategists and seasoned veterans of the world of open bars. 

  •  I changed my mind! Can I get a refund?

Sorry, there are NO REFUNDS for NYE tickets purchased.  Sorry!  PLEASE think before you buy!


  • I've never been to Floating Kabarette. What the heck is a Floating Kabarette?

-Floating Kabarette is Galapagos Art Space's flagship weekly variety show, featuring the most brilliant burlesque, aerial, dance, juggling, and cabaret artists from NYC and abroad. These artists represent the créme de la creme of our lineup, all decked out in their finest to ensure an entertaining and glamorous New Years Eve for you and your friends. Our host, Bastard Keith, keeps the night moving rapidly with his wry humor and gobs of innuendo. 

  • Seriously, Why 'Floating' Kabarette?

-See also: Seating. Our venue contains a lake, and thereby lakeside seating, surrounded by an operatic mezzanine. Our best seats are literally suspended over the water, in four islands.

  • Burlesque? I don't think my date will like it very much...

-While our show is certainly sexy, it has a little something for everyone, male, female and 'other'. Besides.. blushing not only makes you more attractive, the extra blood flow to your face and brain can actually make you smarter (probably).

  • Can I come see Floating Kabarette before I commit?

-Certainly! We have a show on 12/28. Otherwise our regular Kabarette page is here, including more photos, a video trailer, and links to all of our upcoming shows. Every week is a new lineup.

  • I dunno, it IS New Year's Eve and I have so many invitations to do stuff all over town.

We get started early, timed immaculately, so that the show comes down on the strike of midnight. You get the ultimate pre-game open bar, a rowdy full length Kabarette, and a dance party from the ball drop till the wee hours- and are then conveniently located near trains and cabs in a great location to catch the late-late night anywhere in town (or to go home without the headache of an overcrowded city). Trust us, we've been working NYE for years!

  • What's this about a dance party? I only know how to twerk.

Our resident DJ KAnton soundtracks the evening with the latest beats and most revered classics, spanning genre after genre while keeping it sexy. The evening will likely start you off in 20's Paris, make stops in Ibiza and Blackpool, and end up somewhere in between Compton and Trenchtown. Oh, and the dance floor opens at midnight so you can show off your latest moves.


  • I'm starving. Is there any food?

We will have some light snacks, but nothing substantial since we don't have a kitchen.... You are welcome to bring in food from outside if you like, or better yet go for an early supper at one of DUMBO's great local restaurants.

  • My 1920's wear is at the cleaners since my caroling accident. Can I be a spaceman? 

Any or all outerwear expression is welcome. This is your night, you do you, boo boo!

  • I still don't get it

Maybe you can call us or come down here so we can explain it to you?

We're at 16 main st. Brooklyn NY 11201, 718-222-8500.

Office hours are M-F 10am-6pm. We'd love to see you!